ASTender 340 carbon - the lightest cruising tender available


     Specifications ASTender BEACH 340 carbon: 

  • length: 3.40m 
  • width: 1.62m
  • powered by 6hp up to 15hp outboard engine, perfectly suits electric outboard engines
  • hull weight: 39kg
  • hull construction: carbon PVC foam sandwich with epoxy resin (vacuum infused)
  • unsinkable due to the double bottom
  • incl. 1 U-bolt on the bow, 2 towing points on the transom, 5 davit lifting points, tiller extension
  • several options to choose from: anchor, anchor bags, storage bags, oar set, neoprene handles, beach wheels, collapsable boarding ladder, non skid for seatings, rubber rail out of EVA foam, KeelGuard, LED navigation lights
  • design & engineering: Thilo Keller
  • performance made in Germany

  • ASTender 340: There is sooooo much storage space
  • Choose between the carbon (39kg) and glasfibre version (55kg).
  • ASTender 340: Carry it up the beach without breaking your back.
  • ASTender 340: The anchor bag is part of the set of bags.
  • ASTender 340: UNSINKABLE with double bottom.
  • The reinforced transom not only carries the engine.
  • ASTender 340: DECKIT foam decking for seatings in light grey
  • ASTender 340: You will love the deep V which is protected by KeelGuard
  • ASTender 340: The rubber rail is 8mm thick.
  • ASTender 340: The most popular feature, the foldable beach wheels.
  • ASTender 340: An outstanding build quality proudly made in Germany.
  • ASTender 340: The tender which carries 5 people in category C!!!

Now available: BEACH 280, BEACH 341 and COAST 340. More information soon.

ASTender Range Catalogue
ASTender-Range-Catalogue-210513.pdf (3.63MB)
ASTender Range Catalogue
ASTender-Range-Catalogue-210513.pdf (3.63MB)

Price ASTender BEACH 280 carbon: starts at 6,798.32 (excl. 19% VAT) // 8,090.00€ (incl. 19% VAT)

Price ASTender BEACH 340 carbon: starts at 7,554.62€ (excl. 19% VAT) // 8,990.00€ (incl. 19% VAT)

Price ASTender BEACH 341 carbon: starts at 10,495.80€ (excl. 19% VAT) // 12,490.00€ (incl. 19% VAT)

Price ASTender COAST 340 carbon: starts at 11,504.20€ (excl. 19% VAT) // 13,690.00€ (incl. 19% VAT)

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