DECKIT - foam decking.


DECKIT is made from a closed cell EVA foam and provides a superior grip, combined with a soft, easy to clean surface. We believe that it is the most advanced foam decking material on the market. It is available as a ready-made kit for one design classes, or as a custom-made kit for one off projects. It is also available in sheets for other applications. 

The characteristic features of DECKIT include: 

  • Great grip, wet or dry, but is soft and non-abrasive  (protects your deck and clothing).
  • Closed cell foam for minimal water absorption.
  • 3M water resistant glue for easy and durable mounting, together with chamfered edges to help prevent tunnelling.
  • soft and warm for increased comfort.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Made in the EU.


We offer DECKIT kits for various OneDesign classes, like 29er, 49er, 49erFX, J70, ACnano, Optimist and some stock sizes as patches. Cannot find your class here? Well contact us, we will design your class kit. You will have the first, get a deal and safe money!


There are almost unlimited range of possibilities on texture, and surface styles.  All designs and logos are CNC milled. Design options include: 

  • plain flat
  • diamond milling
  • brushed
  • FauxTeak
  • your milled logo
  • many colours are in stock, and many more available on request.