Our modern software tools ensure that we build your parts to specification with tight tolerance. Combining engineering and manufacturing facilities into one complex allows us the to complete projects with high quality, and efficient use of time.

Thilo Keller has a Master of Science degree in Naval Architecture, and he is in charge of the engineering responsibilities. Thilo has specialized in yacht design using computer flow simulations, and has managed numerous R&D projects ranging from sports equipment to large cargo vessels. His A-Class Catamaran designs have won several National, and International Championships. 

CAD modelling: To visualize ideas and guarantee smooth workflows with high precision.

14ft SUP

CFD- / FEA simluations: RANSE-flow simulations, and structural FE-analysis  with powerful software on high performance clusters.

“Numerical Simulation of a Surface Piercing A -Class Catamaran Hydrofoil and Comparison against Model Test”. Thilo Keller, M.Sc., published at the 22 nd Chesapeake Sailing Symposium 2016. 

CFD simulation of an A-Class foil

Model Tests: These are used for some R&D projects, such as when there is a need to correctly predict ventilation on foils. We offer this service to validate any simulation from our CFD analysis. 

Ventilation tests on a surface piercing hydrofoil