Safety is a priority in foil design. We design all our foils for safe flight, which requires stability in heave, pitch, and roll. We can offer you a complete package: foils, bearings, cases, and adjustments, depending on your requirements. Below you can find a selection of some foil projects that we have recently finished. These include foils for skimming, as well as for full foiling.

For the manufacture of small foils, we choose to bond the two halves, which allows all the shear loads to be transferred from one skin to the other through the glue (as you can see in the first picture). Also notice the difference in laminate thickness, which allows maximum strength at low weight, and is calculated by our Engineering Compartment with the use of FEA simulations.

Top and bottom bearings are 3D printed from polyamide. The bottom bearing is designed to rotate if the foil is canting, or if it is flexing. The tough characteristics of the polyamide bearing functions as a shock absorber during a hard grounding, and protects the foil and hull structure from damage.